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Technical Session AContinental Ballroom A – Lobby level
Technical Session BContinental Ballroom B – lobby level
Technical Session C – Continental Ballroom C – lobby level

Tuesday June 4, 2019

  7:30 am 6:30 pm     Registration Desk Open – Lobby Level, just past business center
  12:00 pm 5:30 pm     Exhibitor Move In, International Ballroom, 2nd floor
  12:30 pm 3:30 pm     Pre-Conference Architecture Tour & Lunch on Chicago’s First Lady – view details
SHORT COURSES   –    view all details
  8:00 am 12:00 pm     WEDA’s Dredging 101 Course, Continental Ballroom A, Lobby level, Instructor Dr. Donald Hayes (ERDC)
  1:00 pm 5:00 pm     Bathymetric Multibeam Mapping for Dredge, Continental Ballroom A, Lobby level, Instructor Mike Mutschler (Seahorse Geomatics, Inc.) 
BENEFICIAL REUSE WORK GROUP MEETING     |     (Marquette, 3rd floor)
  8:00 am 2:00 pm     Beneficial Reuse Work Group Meeting – WEDA BU Work Groups members only
PRE-CONFERENCE TECHNICAL TOUR   –    view all details
  12:15 Pm 3:30 pm     Pre-Conference Technical Tour & Lunch  – onboard Chicago’s First Lady – details
ENVIRONMENTAL COMMISSION MEETING     |     (Marquette, 3rd floor)
  3:00 pm 6:00 pm     Environmental Commission Meeting – open to all current WEDA members 
WELCOME RECEPTION     |     (International Ballroom, 2nd floor)
  6:30 pm 9:30 pm     Welcome Reception / Ice Breaker

Wednesday June 5, 2019

EXPO HALL OPEN     |     (International Ballroom, 2nd floor)
  7:30 am 5:00 pm     view layout   |   Reserve a booth
BREAKFAST     |     (International Ballroom, 2nd floor) 
  7:30 am 8:30 am     Breakfast Buffet
OPENING PLENARY    |    (Continental Ballroom A, B, C)
  8:30 am 9:30 am     Opening Plenary 
BREAK    |     (International Ballroom, 2nd floor) 
  9:30 am 10:00 am     Coffee & Refreshment Break 
  10:00 am 10:20 am      National Perspective – Tony Friona, Liaison to the Great Lakes, ERDC
  10:20 am 10:40 am     Regional Perspective – LTC Dan Hayden; Deputy Commander Chicago District
  10:40 am 11:00 am     Environmental Perspective – Jim Killian, Environmental Management, Office of Great Lakes Waters
  11:00 am 11:20 am     Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Perspective – Scott Cieniawski, Chief Remediation Branch, USEPA GLNPO
  11:20 am   11:50 pm     Facilitated Panel Discussion
LUNCH    |     (International Ballroom, 2nd floor)
  11:50 am 12:40 pm     Plated Lunch
  12:40 pm 1:10 pm     WEDA’s Environmental & Safety Awards
  1:10 pm   1:40 pm     Best Paper Awards 
SESSION 1A     |   (Continental Ballroom A – Lobby level)`
USACE Beneficial Use Success Stories  | Co-Chairs: Jeff King, Ph.D., USACE ERDC; Ram Mohan, Ph.D., Texas A&M/Anchor QEA
  1:50 pm 2:20 pm   1a-1 State of Ohio – Ron Kozlowski, Chief of Programs & Project Management, Buffalo District
  2:20 pm 2:50 pm   1a-2 Regional Sediment Management/ Waukegan Harbor – Kaitlyn McClain (Invited), Planner, Chicago District
  2:50 pm 3:20 pm   1a-3 Cat Island – Marie Strum, Chief of Engineering and Technical Services, Detroit District
SESSION 1B – Contracting/Risk |  CHAIR: SAM MORRISON
  1:50 pm 2:10 pm   1b-1 Successful Construction Management, presented by Eric Dievendorf
  2:10 pm 2:30 pm   1b-2 Dredging Information System (DIS) Update, presented by Alexandra Schafer
  2:30 pm 2:50 pm   1b-3 Miami Harbor Deep Dredge Project: A Reappraisal Reveals Same Results, presented by William F. Precht
  2:50 pm 3:10 pm   1b-4  Dredge Contracts Claims: Experience from the Trenches, presented by Joseph L. Katz, Esq.
SESSION 1C – Sediment Management |  Chair:  Janet Kirkton
  1:50 pm 2:10 pm   1c-1 Sustainable Sediment Solutions: Stabilization of Contaminated Sediment – presented by Victor Magar
  2:10 pm 2:30 pm   1c-2 Innovative Modifications to Existing Confined Disposal Facility for Cost-Effective Disposal of Contaminated Sediment – presented by Kristin Searcy Bell
  2:30 pm 2:50 pm   1c-3 A 10-Year Outlook on Dredge Demands of US Ports & Harbors of the Great Lakes, presented by Craig Harley
  2:50 pm 3:10 pm   1c-4  Making Cases for Adaptive Sediment Management, presented by Sean Burkholder
BREAK   (International Ballroom, 2nd floor) 
  3:20 pm 3:40 pm     Coffee & Refreshment Break 
SESSION 2A – TAMU/ERDC – State Beneficial Use Success Stories   | Co-Chairs: Ram Mohan, Ph.D., Texas A&M/Anchor QEA; Jeff King, Ph.D., USACE ERDC
  3:40 pm 4:05 pm   2a-1 Duluth Superior Harbor/AOC work and beyond – Dan Breneman, State Program Administrator, MPCA
  4:05 pm 4:30 pm   2a-2 Illinois Beach State Park – Diane Tecic, Coastal Management Program Director
  4:30 pm 5:00 pm   2a-3 Unity Island (First 204 constructed on the GL) – Tony Friona, Buffalonian since 1967
SESSION 2B – Environmental Issues |  CHAIR: KAT PRICKETT
  3:40 pm 4:00 pm   2b-1 Submerged Aquatic Vegetation Mitigation for the Bonner Bridge Replacement Project, presented by Phillip Todd
  4:00 pm 4:20 pm   2b-2 The Presence of Microplastics in Bottom Sediments from US Waterways, presented by Burton Suedel
  4:20 pm 4:40 pm   2b-3 Development of a Risk-based Framework for Assessing and Managing Dredge-induced Underwater Sounds, presented by Andrew McQueen
  4:40 pm 5:00 pm   2b-4  Treatment Expanding Dredged Material Management Alternatives, presented by Paul Schroeder
  5:00 pm 6:00 pm     Young WEDA / Exhibitors Appreciation Hour, International Ballroom, 2nd floor
  6:15 pm 8:30 pm     Young WEDA Reception at Kitty O’Shea’s Irish Pub, lobby level Hilton

Thursday June 6, 2019

EXPO HALL OPEN   (International Ballroom, 2nd floor) 
  7:30 am 5:00 pm     85 expo booths   |   view layout   |   Reserve a booth
BREAKFAST   (International Ballroom, 2nd floor) 
  7:30 am 8:30 am     Breakfast Buffet
WOMEN OF WEDA BREAKFAST   (Continental Ballroom Foyer) 
  7:30 am 8:30 am     Women of WEDA – Open to all Female WEDA members   |    webpage
SAFETY COMMISSION PLENARY  – Project Highlights, including the Engagement of Transportation Partners in Award Winners’ Safety Cultures  (Continental Ballroom A, B, C)
  8:30 am 9:30 am    

Safety Commission Plenary: Project Highlights, including the Engagement of Transportation Partners in Award Winners’ Safety Cultures.  Panel Moderator: Julie Hile, Hile Group and WEDA Safety Commission Chair

BREAK   (International Ballroom, 2nd floor)
  9:30 am 10:00 am     Coffee & Refreshment Break
  10:00 am 10:20 am   3a-1 A New PIANC Standard for the Beneficial Use of Dredged Material – presented by Victor Magar
  10:20 am 10:40 am   3a-2 Regional Sediment Management Solutions In Southern California: How did we get here and why?, presented by Steve Cappellino
  10:40 am 11:00 am   3a-3 Regional Sediment Management Solutions In Southern California: A 20 year summary of beneficial reuse and some thoughts moving forward, presented by Shelly Anghera
  11:00 am 11:20 am   3a-4 Design and Permitting for Lake Apopka Sediment Dredging and Material Placement Projects, St. Johns River Water Management District, Lake & Orange County, Florida, presented by Joe Wagner
  11:20 am 11:40 am   3a-5 Ensuring Sustainable Marine Transportation by Beneficially Using Dredged Material to Support Marsh Ecosystems in Coastal New Jersey, presnted by W. Scott Douglas
SESSION 3B – Environmental Dredging CHAIR: LORI BROWNELL
  10:00 am 10:20 am   3b-1 Cleanup of Contaminated Sediment – “How Much Will It Cost?” and “Who Should Pay?”, presented by Jason Dittman
  10:20 am 10:40 am   3b-2 Ashland/NSP Lakefront MGP Site Upland and Sediment Remedial Action, presented by Denis Roznowski 
  10:40 am 11:00 am   3b-3 Bank Remediation and Restoration for a Time Critical Removal Action with Water Control Structure Removal, presented by Joseph Caryl
  11:00 am 11:20 am  


Challenges Associated with Dredging Small Waterways in Urban Settings, presented by Jim Hutchens
  11:20 am 11:40 am   3b-5 Monitoring Effectiveness of Pilot-Scale Sediment Caps in a Dynamic Sand Riverbed, presented by Tony Delano 
SESSION 3C – Innovative Equipment and Techniques  |  CHAIR: RICH WEBER
  10:00 am 10:20 am   3c-1 Innovative Technology Saves 100-Year-Old Panama Canal Locks, presented by Tom Stephens
  10:20 am 10:40 am   3c-2 Improving Waterway Network Maintenance Using Dredge Portfolio Optimization Methods, presented by Drew Allan Loney
  10:40 am 11:00 am   3c-3 CFD Simulation and Scale Model Testing of a New Dredge Pump Design, presented by Robert Visintainer
  11:00 am 11:20 am  


A Useful Technology to Solve or Mitigate Artificial Reservoir Sedimentation, presented by Francesco Galante
  11:20 am 11:40 am   3c-5 Applicability of dredge types in reservoir maintenance dredging, presented by Mark Winkelman
LUNCH   (International Ballroom, 2nd floor) 
  11:45 am  1:20 pm     Lunch Buffet
  1:30 pm 1:50 pm   4a-1 Current Great Lakes Dredged Material, presnted by David Emerman
  1:50 pm 2:10 pm   4a-2 Cleveland Harbor Advancements in Beneficial Reuse and Sediment Management: Case Study, presented by Nicholas LaPointe
  2:10 pm 2:30 pm   4a-3  Case Study – Cleveland Harbor, presented by Jason Ziss
  2:30 pm 2:50 pm   4a-4 Integrating Wetland and Marsh Creation of Dredged Material, presented by Scudder Mackey
  2:50 pm 3:10 pm   4a-5 Facilitated Discussion on Path forward?, lead by David Emerman and Walter Dinicola
SESSION 4B – Improving Dredge Safety  |  CHAIR: JULIE HILE
  1:30 pm 1:50 pm   4b-1 Harnessing Leading Indicator Data for Sustainable Safety Excellence, presented by Margaret Davis
  1:50 pm 2:10 pm   4b-2 Who, Me? I Had No Idea! Multiple Cause Incident Analysis As A Driver of Systems Safety Engagement, presented by Julie Hile
  2:10 pm 2:30 pm   4b-3 Using Hindcast Weather Data to Predict the Available Time for Safe Dredging Operations, presented by Michael MacNicoll
  2:30 pm 2:50 pm   4b-4  Aiding Navigation through Centralizing Information Dissemination, presented by, presented by Alexandra Schafer
  2:50 pm 3:10 pm   4b-5 Combating Modern Day Distractions with Adaptive Safety Cultures – Margaret Davis
SESSION 4C – Dredging Research & Education  |  CHAIR: ROBERT RAMSDELL
  1:30 pm 1:50 pm   4c-1

Production Estimation of Water Jets and Cutter Blades in Drag Heads, presented by Sape A. Miedema

  1:50 pm 2:10 pm   4c-2 Thin-Layer Placement Sediment Deposition Model, presented by Donald Hayes
  2:10 pm 2:30 pm   4c-3 Environmental Dredging & Restoration Former Zephyr Oil Refinery, presented Pat Faesslar
  2:30 pm 2:50 pm   4c-4  Cutter Head Spillage when Dredging Sand or Gravel (CHSDSG), presented by Sape A. Miedema
  2:50 pm 3:10 pm   4c-5 Risk Characterization from Sediment Released During Dredging Operations, presented by Joe Gailani
BREAK   (International Ballroom, 2nd floor)  
  3:10 pm 3:40 pm     Break – Ice Cream Social
  3:40 pm 4:00 pm   5a-1 Indiana Harbor and Canal CDF Center Dike Expansion Pilot Test, presented by Aaron Wright
  4:00 pm 4:20 pm   5a-2 Sediment reuse for wetland creation and open space restoration in an underserved community of San Francisco: Case Study of Yosemite Slough, San Francisco Bay, presented by Jane Deni Chambers
  4:20 pm 4:40 pm   5a-3 Dredging and Beneficial Use of Sediments from the Delaware and Raritan Canal, New Jersey, presented by Travis Merritts
  4:40 pm 5:00 pm   5a-4  A Synergistic Approach to Restoring the Caminada Headland, presented by Amanda Taylor 
SESSION 5B – Sea Level Rise/ Shoreline Protection  |  CHAIR: ALAN ALCORN
  3:40 pm 4:00 pm   5b-1 Shoreline Protection of Historic and Coastal Resources at Brunswick Town/ Fort Anderson, presented by Phillip Todd
  4:00 pm 4:20 pm   5b-2 Community-Based Beneficial Use for Sea Level Rise: A Co-Benefits Strategy for Dredged Material Management, presented by Isaac Hametz
  4:20 pm 4:40 pm   5b-3 Select Shoreline Considerations During Sediment Dredging, presented by Kendrick Jaglal
  4:40 pm 5:00 pm   5b-4 Sustainable, Combined Remedies and Restoration of the Onondaga Lake Shoreline, presented by Dan Rockefeller
SESSION 5C – Dredging Research & Education  |  CHAIR: DONALD HAYES
  3:40 pm 4:00 pm   5c-1 A Comprehensive Training Approach to Marine, Aerial and Land Surveying at Northwestern Michigan College, presented by Hans van Sumeren
  4:00 pm 4:20 pm   5c-2 A study on the Clay Adhesion Factor, presented by Xiuhan Chen
  4:20 pm 4:40 pm   5c-3 Numerical Modelling of Slurry Transport for Coarse Particles, presented by Xiuhan Chen
  4:40 pm 5:00 pm   5c-4 Principles of Production Engineering Models, presented by Robert Ramsdell
  5:00 pm 6:00 pm     Young WEDA / Exhibitors Appreciation Hour, International Ballroom, 2nd floor
  6:15 pm 7:15 pm     GALA Reception – International Ballroom, 2nd floor
  7:30 pm 9:30 pm     GALA Dinner – International Ballroom, 2nd floor

Friday June 7, 2019

EXPO HALL OPEN   (International Ballroom, 2nd floor) 
  7:30 am 12:00 pm     Expo Hall open
BREAKFAST   (International Ballroom, 2nd floor)
  7:30 am 8:30 am     Breakfast Buffet
PLENARY: The Great Lakes: Remediation and Restoration of Our National Treasure     (Continental Ballroom A, B, C)
  8:30 am 8:45 am     Winning the Battle: Restoring the Health of the Great Lakes Areas of Concern, Amy Pelka, EPA
  8:45 am 9:00 am     Sediment Remediation at Great Lakes Areas of Concern: EPA and its Partners, Scott Cieniawski, EPA
  9:00 am 9:15 am     Zephyr Refinery Sediment Remediation Project, Heather Williams, EPA
  9:15 am 9:30 am     We Have to Win This Battle: Keeping Asian Carp Out of the Great Lakes, Jeff Zuercher, USACE
BREAK     (International Ballroom, 2nd floor) 
  9:30 am 10:00 am     Coffee & Refreshment Break
  10:15 am 2:30 pm     Exhibitor Tear Down
SESSION 6A – Dredge Quantity, Surveying & Mapping  CHAIR: AARON WRIGHT
  10:00 am 10:20 am   6a-1 Development of an Automated Hopper Dredge Mechanical Ullage Sensor Measurement System as a Contract Payment Basis, presented by Tim Welp
  10:20 am 10:40 am   6a-2  Real Time Production Efficiency Based on Combination of Non-Nuclear Density and Magnetic Flow Instrumentation, presented by Ken Primrose
  10:40 am 11:00 am   6a-3 Geospatial Modeling and Suitability Analysis for Beneficial Use: An Integrated Approach, presented by Isaac Hametz
  11:00 am 11:20 am   6a-4 Marine Geophysical and Geological Investigation for Improvement Dredging of Boston Harbor: Subsurface Mapping with Complete Coverage of Reflection Seismic Surveys and Few Targeted Borings, presented by W. Bruce Ward
  11:20 am 11:40 am   6a-5 Estimation of Dredgeabilty from High-Resolution Marine Reflection Seismic, presented by Daniel A. Rosales Roche
SESSION 6B – Environmental Dredging II |  CHAIR: KENDRICK JAGLAL
  10:00 am 10:20 am   6b-1 Estimating Turbidity and Suspended Sediment Concentrations Using an Unmanned Surface Vehicle, presented by Justin L. Wilkens
  10:20 am 10:40 am   6b-2 Reducing Environmental Exposures from Dredging Contaminated Sediment, presented by Rob Webb
  10:40 am 11:00 am   6b-3  Challenges and Considerations for Selection of Underpier Remediation Approaches, presented by Dan Berlin 
  11:00 am 11:20 am   6b-4  Innovative Treatment of Wood Waste Impacted Sediments Using Reactive Amendments and DGT Passive Porewater Sulfide Testing Techniques, presented by Dan Berlin 
  11:20 am 11:40 am   6b-5 Sequencing Bucket Dredging Operations to Manage Residual Sediments, presented by Donald Hayes
SESSION 6C – Sediment Management II |  CHAIR: KARIN OLSEN
  10:00 am 10:20 am   6c-1 Baltimore Harbor Confined Aquatic Disposal Pilot Project, presented by Karin Olsen
  10:20 am 10:40 am   6c-2 Optimizing the Storage Capacity of a Confined Disposal Facility in Savannah Harbor, Georgia – Seven Years of Intensive Management of Dredged Sediments, presented by Kwasi Badu-Tweneboah
  10:40 am 11:00 am   6c-3  Emergency Dredging of a Terminal Tanker Dock Due to Impacts from the Recent Back-to-Back Hurricanes in the Northeast Florida Area, presented by Kwasi Badu-Tweneboah
  11:00 am 11:20 am   6c-4  City of Renton Cedar River Flood Control Maintenance Project – Dredging Planning, Design and Permitting, presented by Shane Phillips
  11:20 am 11:40 am   6c-5 New Sediment Storage Areas for Jacksonville Port Authority, Duval County, Florida, presented by Joe Wagner
CLOSING SESSION    (Continental Ballroom A, Lobby Level)
  11:50 am 12:30 pm     Closing Session / WEDA Membership Meeting / Best Booth Awards

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