Social Events Schedule

  MONDAY, JULY 17, 2023
  5:15 pm 6:15 pm     Meet the Exhibitor’s Happy HourPremier Ballroom, 3rd floor
  6:15 pm 9:15 pm     Welcome ReceptionPremier Ballroom, 3rd floor
  TUESDAY, JULY 18, 2023
  7:30 am 8:30 am     Breakfast, Premier Ballroom, 3rd floor
  7:30 am 8:30 am     Women of WEDA (WOW) Breakfast, Premier Ballroom, 3rd floor
  9:10 am 9:40 pm     Coffee & Refreshment Break, Premier Ballroom, 3rd floor
  11:40 am 1:10 pm     Lunch & AwardsPremier Ballroom, 3rd floor
  2:50 pm 3:20 pm     Coffee & Refreshment Break, Premier Ballroom, 3rd floor
  5:00 pm 6:00 pm     Young WEDA & Exhibitor’s Appreciation Hour, Premier Ballroom, 3rd floor
  6:30 pm 9:30 pm     Young WEDA Offsite Reception, Birdie Lounge inside Top Golf 
  6:30 pm 9:30 pm     VIP Sponsor Reception & Dinner, Crush Restaurant inside MGM Grand, Invite only
  WEDNESDAY, JULY 19, 2023
  7:30 am 8:30 am     Breakfast, Premier Ballroom, 3rd floor
  9:30 am 10:00 am     Coffee & Refreshment Break, Premier Ballroom, 3rd floor
  11:30 am 1:20 pm     LunchPremier Ballroom, 3rd floor
  3:00 pm 3:40 pm     Ice Cream Social & Refreshment Break, Premier Ballroom, 3rd floor
  5:20 pm 6:20 pm     Young WEDA & Exhibitor’s Appreciation Hour, Premier Ballroom, 3rd floor
  6:20 pm 7:45 pm     GALA Reception, Premier Ballroom Foyer, 3rd floor
  7:45 pm 10:00 pm     GALA Dinner, Premier Ballroom, 3rd floor
  THURSDAY, JULY 20, 2023
  7:30 am 8:00 am     Breakfast, Premier Ballroom, 3rd floor
  8:00 am 8:30 am     Breakfast/WEDA Membership Meeting, Premier Ballroom, 3rd floor
  8:45 am 12:45 pm     Hoover Dam Tour, buses leave at 9 am 
  12:45 pm 2:30 pm     Post Conference Lunch Reception, TAP Restaurant inside MGM Grand

Full Schedule

 MONDAY, JULY 17th   
  7:30 am 6:30 pm     Registration Desk Open – 3rd floor, MGM Conference Center
TRAINING | Short Courses 
  8:00 am 12:00 pm     WEDA Dredging 101, Premier Ballroom, 3rd floor, Session A Room – view details
  8:00 am 12:00 pm     Dredge Pumps Mechanical IHC Masterclass, 3rd floor, Room 306 – view details
Exhibitor Move-In, Premier Ballroom, 3rd floor
  12:00 pm 5:15 pm     Exhibitor Move-In, Premier Ballroom, 3rd floor
TRAINING | Short Courses 
  1:00 pm 5:00 pm     WEDA Dredging 201, Premier Ballroom, 3rd floor, Session A Room – view details
  1:00 pm 5:00 pm     Soil Characteristics IHC Masterclass, 3rd floor, Room 306 – view details
Education Commission Meeting  |  Room 301 & 302
  1:00 pm 3:00 pm     Education Commission Meeting301 & 302, 3rd floor
Environmental Commission Meeting  |  Room 301 & 302
  3:30 pm 5:30 pm     Environmental Commission Meeting, 301 & 302, 3rd floor
Meet the Exhibitors Happy Hour  |  Premier Ballroom, 3rd floor
  5:15 pm 6:15 pm     Exhibitors Appreciation Happy Hour, Premier Ballroom, 3rd floor
Ice Breaker / Welcome Reception  |  Premier Ballroom, 3rd floor
  6:15 pm 9:30 pm     Welcome Reception, Premier Ballroom, 3rd floor
 TUESDAY, JULY 18th     
EXPO HALL OPEN  |  Premier Ballroom, 3rd floor
  7:30 am 5:00 pm     View the Expo Hall layout
BREAKFAST  |  Premier Ballroom, 3rd floor
  7:30 am 8:30 am     Breakfast Buffet
  7:30 am 8:30 am     Women of WEDA (WOW) Breakfast – Educating, Engaging, and Elevating Women in Maritime Operations presented by:
Kasey Eckstein & Jenna Gaudet from Eckstein Trade & Transport “ET&T”
OPENING PLENARY  |  Premier Ballroom, 3rd floor, Session B & C Rooms
  8:30 am 9:10 am     Opening Plenary with Keynote speaker Lt. Col. Kevin Arnett, San Francisco Districtsee bio 
BREAK  |  Premier Ballroom, 3rd floor
  9:10 am 9:40 am     Coffee & Refreshment Break
  9:40 am  3:00 pm     Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger IHC Masterclass, 3rd floor, Room 306 – view details
TAMU/ERDC PLENARY SESSION: HURDLES TO THE beneficial use (BU) of dredged material  |  CHAIRS: Ram Mohan, Ph.D., P.E., Texas A&M/Anchor QEA, AND Jeffrey King, Ph.D., P.E., USACE ERDC – Rooms B & C
  9:40 am 9:50 am     Panel Objectives & Charge
Jeff King, Ph.D., P.E., USACE ERDC
  9:50 am 10:05 am     Exploring New Frontiers in BU
Todd Bridges, Ph.D., University of Georgia
  10:05 am 10:20 am     BU Hurdles: USACE Perspective
Richard (Dylan) Davis, USACE HQ/SAD
  10:20 am 10:35 am     Contractor’s Perspective
Bill Hanson, Great Lakes Dock & Dredge Company
  10:35 am 10:50 am     Industry Feedback Survey Results
Ram Mohan, Ph.D., P.E., Anchor QEA
  10:50 am 11:30 am     How to Overcome the Hurdles?
Panel Discussion (facilitated by Dr. Mohan and Dr. King)
LUNCH & AWARDS  |  Premier Ballroom  |  3rd floor
  11:30 am 1:00 pm     Lunch Buffet
  12:15 pm 1:10 pm     Environmental, Safety, Young Professional & Best Papers Awards
SESSION 1A | Environmental Dredging & Capping CHAIR: Jason Raimondi – Session Room A
  1:10 pm 1:30 pm   1a-1 Effective Fill Management at the New Bedford, MA Lower Harbor CAD Cell
Shane Taylor1, Joshua Cummings1, Maurice Beaudoin1, Timothy Donegan2, John Lally3, David Lederer4, Timothy Rezendes5 – (1Jacobs, 2Sevenson Environmental Services, 3Lally Consulting, 4EPA, 5USACE)
  1:30 pm 1:50 pm   1a-2 Mass Mixing In-Situ Stabilization/Solidification Remediation in Kendall Bay
Dogus Meric1, C.A. Robb1 – (1Geosyntec Consultants)
  1:50 pm 2:10 pm   1a-3 Lessons Learned during Capping an Urban Canal and Installation of a Base for a Planned Urban Wetland
Mark Walter1, Nathan Wyrowski2, Alex Bartelme1 – (1Ramboll, 2J.F. Brennan)
  1:10 pm 1:30 pm   1b-1 Demonstration of Innovative Placement Techniques in Coastal New Jersey
David Perkey, Ph.D., USACE ERDC
  1:30 pm 1:50 pm   1b-2 Innovations in TLP Spray Equipment – Custom Nozzle Designs & Case Studies
Tim Donegan, Sevenson Environmental Services
  1:50 pm 2:10 pm   1b-3 Amphibious and Low Ground Pressure Equipment for Large-Scale Wetland Restoration
Andrew Timmis, J.F. Brennan Company
  2:10 pm 2:30 pm   1b-4 Dredge Technology Needs for Large-Scale Beneficial Use Projects
Ancil Taylor, Dredging Consultant
  2:30 pm 2:50 pm   1b-5 What are the Technology Gaps, Data Needs & Research Areas?
Panel Discussion (facilitated by Dr. Perkey)
SESSION 1C – Advances in Dredging Techniques  | CHAIR: Connor Lamb – Session Room C
  1:10 pm 1:30 pm   1c-1 Improving Calculation of Elevation of Contaminated Using V-SAM Instead of Conventional Vibracore Methodology: Portland Harbor Superfund Site Case Study
Teal Dreher1 – (1Floyd Snyder)
  1:30 pm 1:50 pm   1c-2 Experiences with the Use of Geotextile Tubes to Dewater Navigational Dredged Material in Coastal New Jersey
W. Scott Douglas1, James Heeren2, Scott Minnich2, Chris Mullan2, Matthew Lunemann3 – (1NJ Department of Transportation, 2Dewberry Engineers, 3WSP USA, Inc.)
  1:50 pm 2:10 pm   1c-3 Real-Time Monitoring of Resuspended Sediment Using Split-Beam Broadband Echosounders
Konrad Mech– (1Kongsberg Mesotech Ltd.)
  2:10 pm 2:30 pm   1c-4 Port of Alaska Petroleum and Cement Terminal Phase 2 Project – Access Dredging
Stewart Willis1, Hannah Norris1, Shane Hautanen1– (1Pacific Pile & Marine)
BREAK  |  Premier Ballroom  |  3rd floor
  2:50 pm 3:20 pm     Coffee & Refreshment Break
SESSION 2A – Engineering with Nature – Case Studies | CHAIR: Howard Cumberland – Session Room A
  3:20 pm 3:40 pm   2a-1 Amoco Fish and Wildlife Habitat Restoration Project – Engineering with Nature in a Great Lakes Area of Concern
Dusty Tazelaar1Marcus Byker1Anthony Eallonardo1Kathleen Evans2 – (1Ramboll, 2Muskegon Lake Watershed Partnership)
  3:40 pm 4:00 pm   2a-2 Natural Recolonization of a New England Salt Marsh: Build it and the Grasses Will Grow 
Alan Fowler1 – (1Geosyntec Consultants, Inc.)
  4:00 pm 4:20 pm   2a-3 Beneficial use of dredged material for restoration in Barnegat Bay, NJ
Dr. Nicholas Brown1 – (1ACT Engineers)
  4:20 pm 4:40 pm   2a-4 Beneficial Use Opportunities Realized at Contaminated Sediment Sites
Staci Goetz1, Victor Magar1, Lis Nelis1, Burton Suedel2, Luca Sittoni3 – (1Ramboll, 2USACE Engineer Research and Development Center, 3DEME Group)
  3:20 pm 3:40 pm   2b-1 What does it take to implement Beneficial Use on a Large Scale? 
Sean Duffy, Big River Coalition
  3:40 pm 4:00 pm   2b-2 Large-scale Innovative Beneficial Use Projects in Coastal Louisiana: Three Case Studies
Burton Suedel, Ph.D., USACE ERDC
  4:00 pm 4:20 pm   2b-3 Engineering With Nature and Beneficial Use Projects – Northern California Experience
Julie Beagle, USACE San Francisco
  4:20 pm 4:40 pm   2b-4 Innovative Reuse of Dredged Material: Results from the Port of Baltimore
Walter Dinicola, P.E., Anchor QEA
  4:40 pm 5:00 pm   2b-5 What are the BU Innovation Ideas, Opportunities/Projects & Lessons Learned?
Panel Discussion (facilitated by Dr. Tritinger)
SESSION 2C – Reducing Risk in the Dredging Industry | CHAIR: Kathryn Thomas – Session Room C
  3:20 pm 3:40 pm   2c-1 The Importance of Field Investigations for Improvement Dredging Projects and the Use of a Novel Technology to Access Conditions
Wendy Rocha1, Michael Campagnone1, John Sawyer2 – (1Foth Infrastructure & Environment, LLC, 2Arc Surveying & Mapping, Inc.)
  3:40 pm 4:00 pm   2c-2 The Integrated Safety Mindset: Navigating Your Organization’s Safety Stream
Julie Hile1, Jonathan Seiden1, Emily Kelahan1 – (1Hile Group)
  4:00 pm 4:20 pm   2c-3 Analysis of dredging field internships on employee retention
Kyle Dickens1,Connor Tennant1, Mike Warwick1 – (1Manson Construction)
  4:20 pm 4:40 pm   2c-4 Exploring External Factors Influencing the Labor Shortage: Considerations for the Dredging Sector
Kathryn Thomas1 – (1ANAMAR Environmental Consulting, Inc)
Young WEDA / Exhibitors Appreciation Hour  |  Expo Hall, 3rd floor
  5:00 pm 6:00 pm     Young WEDA / Exhibitors Appreciation Hour, Premier Ballroom, 3rd floor
  6:30 pm 9:30 pm     Young WEDA Offsite Reception, The Birdie Longe at Top Golf
VIP/Sponsors/BOD Reception  |  Crush Restaurant, MGM Grand 
  6:30 pm 9:30 pm     VIP/Board of Directors/Sponsor Reception, Crush inside MGM Grand, Lobby Level
 WEDNESDAY, JULY 19th     
EXPO HALL OPEN  |  Premier Ballroom, 3rd floor
  7:30 am 5:00 pm     View the Expo Hall layout
BREAKFAST  |  Premier Ballroom, 3rd floor
  7:30 am 8:30 am     Breakfast Buffet
Panel: How the Dredging Industry Contributes to our Community’s Resilience, Sustainability, and Adaptation in Response to Climate Change – Session Room B
  8:30 am 9:30 am     What are companies Doing to Address Climate Change?     Help Us Showcase it!
  Objective of Session:   Provide background on this WEDA Initiative, introduce how WEDA members can showcase their projects and company actions that contribute to resilience, sustainability, and adaptation in response to climate change, and discuss with the audience how to make this initiative beneficial for WEDA members and the next steps.
  Moderators   Craig Vogt, Chair WEDA Environmental Commission
Steve Garbaciak, Vice Chair WEDA Environmental Commission
  Speakers:   Burton Suedel1, Russell Hyatt2, Marsha Cohen3, Jason Raimondi2 – (1US Army Engineer Research and Development Center, 2Geosyntec Consultants, 3Hague Academic)
BREAK  |  Premier Ballroom, 3rd floor
  9:30 am 10:00 am     Coffee & Refreshment Break
  10:00 am 3:00 pm      Cutter Suction Dredger IHC Masterclass, 3rd floor, Room 306 – view details
SESSION 3A – Large-Scale Sediment Management and Capital Improvement Programs | Chair: Shelly Anghera – Session Room A
  10:00 am 10:20 am   3a-1 Sustainable Dredged Material Management on the Ohio and Kanawha Rivers to Achieve Multiple Benefits
Andrew McQueen1, Burton Suedel1, Kathleen Harris1, Autumn Murray1, David May1, Christopher Chadwick2, Andrew Johnson2, Jamie Sunderland2, David Johnston2, Jeremy Whipkey2 – (1US Army Engineer Research and Development Center, 2US Army Corps of Engineers, Huntington District)
  10:20 am 10:40 am   3a-2 Charting a Course to 70% Beneficial Use of Dredge Material by 2030 for the South Atlantic Division, USACE
Laurel Reichold1, Dr. Katie Brutsche2 – (1SAD RSM CoE, USACE, 2SAD, USACE)
  10:40 am 11:00 am   3a-3 Accelerating Houston Ship Channel Expansion (Project 11) Update
Lori Brownell1, Dana Cheney2, Neil McLellan3 – (1Port Houston, 2Gahagan & Bryant Associates, Inc., 3HDR)
  11:00 am 11:20 am   3a-4 Project 11 – Bolivar to Redfish
Leia Wilson1 – (1Port Houston)
  11:20 am 11:40 am   3a-5 Port of Long Beach Pier Wind Capital Improvement Project
Matthew Arms1 – (1Port of Long Beach)
SESSION 3B – Dredging Equipment – 1 | CHAIR: Kristen Ewert – Session Room B
  10:00 am 10:20 am   3b-1 Investigation of Bottom Roughness for Different Mechanical Clamshell Bucket Operations
Connor Tennant1, John Henriksen1, Mike Warwick1 – (1Manson Construction Co.)
  10:20 am 10:40 am   3b-2 Development of a Standardized Low-Stress Consolidation Testing Procedure and Regression Equation for the Marsh Fill
Omar Shahrear Apu1, Dr. Jay X. Wang1 – (1Louisiana Tech University)
  10:40 am 11:00 am   3b-3 Evaluation of directional boring technique in geotechnical investigation with reference to its potential use in the dredging projects
Muhammad Ishaq1, Hazar Kumas2, Muhammad Esad Kaya1, Dr. Jamal Rostami1, Dr. Donald Hayes3– (1Colorado School of Mines, 2Aldea Services Inc, 3The Dredging Professor LLC)
  11:00 am 11:20 am   3b-4 Innovative Rotary Drives for Dredge Machinery
Collins Bioseh1 – (1Bosch Rexroth – Hagglunds)
  11:20 am 11:40 am   3b-5 Schuylkill River Above Fairmount Dam: Innovative Equipment and Techniques
Thomas Burgess1, Paul Olander1 – (1Michels Construction, Inc.)
SESSION 3C – Contaminated Sediment | Chair: Joe Caryl – Session Room C
  10:00 am 10:20 am   3c-1 Thin Layer Placement of Pelletized Powdered Activated Carbon
Steven Shaw1, Michael Marrone1, Steven Bagnull2, Randy Brown2 –
(1Sevenson Environmental Services, Inc., 2Anchor QEA)
  10:20 am 10:40 am   3c-2 Microplastic and Nanoplastic Risks in Dredged Sediments: from Databases to Strategic Responses
Alyssa Calomeni1, Justin Wilkens1, Jonna Boyda1, Alan Kennedy1, Andrew McQueen1 – (1USACE – Engineer Research and Development Center)
  10:40 am 11:00 am   3c-3 The Influence of PFAS Regulations on Sediment Disposal
Sarah L. LaRoe1, Annielu DeWitt2, Jennifer Benaman1 – (1Anchor QEA, 2CleanHarbors)
  11:00 am 11:20 am   3c-4 An Adaptive Permitting and Compliance Strategy for Sediment Remediation and Habitat Restoration at Spirit Lake, Duluth, Minnesota
Courtney Pacelli1, Mark Loomis2, Michael Ciarlo1, Jamie Beaver1 – (1EA Engineering, Science, and Technology, Inc., PBC., 2U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Great Lakes National Program Office)
  11:20 am 11:40 am   3c-5 Leveraging Enhancement of Remedy Provisions to Optimize Environmental Cleanup and Navigation Dredging Benefits at New Bedford Harbor.
Susan Nilson1, Patrick Rezendes1, Ceasar Duarte2 – (1Foth Infrastructure & Environment, LLC, 2New Bedford Port Authority)
LUNCH / Safety Plenary |  Chair: Julie Hile – Session Room B
  11:40 am 12:20 pm     Lunch
  12:20 pm 1:20 pm     Safety Plenary 
SESSION 4A – Sediment Management | Chair: Mark Gravelding – Session Room A
  1:20 pm 1:40 pm   4a-1 The Gateway Confined Disposal Facility – Innovative Solutions to Onsite Challenges for Atlantic County’s First Regional Dredged Material Management Facility
Michael Marano1, Matthew Lunemann1, W. Scott Douglas2, Sean Flanigan3, J. McTavish3, Joselyn Wall2 – (1WSP USA, Inc., 2New Jersey Department of Transportation, Gahagan & Bryant Associates, Inc3)
  1:40 pm 2:00 pm   4a-2 Sediment Bypassing – Preserving America’s Reservoirs
Joe Wagner1 – (1Black & Veatch)
  2:00 pm 2:20 pm   4a-3 Conowingo Sediment Reuse Evaluation: Results from the Pilot Project and Next Steps for Commercialization
Jane Chambers1 , Sam Merrill1 , Steve Bedosky1 , Ana Demorest1 – (1Northgate Environmental Management)
  2:20 pm 2:40 pm   4a-4 Sustainable Sediment Management of Reservoirs
Dipl.-Ing Thomas Gross1, M.Sc. Lara Gehrmann1 – (1Hülskens Sediments)
SESSION 4B – Dredging Equipment -2 | Chair: Connor Tennant – Session Room B
  1:20 pm 1:40 pm   4b-1 Autonomous dredging vessels entering the first stage
Jacco Osnabrugge1, Leo van Ingen1, Tijmen Malschaert1, Jeroen Peters1 – (1Royal IHC)
  1:40 pm 2:00 pm   4b-2 Hybrid Electric DC – Power Grid, A Future Proof Solution for Dredging Vessels
Twan Walraven1, Arend Van der Velde1, Jan-Kees de Ronde– (1Bakker Sliedrecht BV)
  2:00 pm 2:20 pm   4b-3 Electrifying the dredging industry!
Olivier Marcus1Marnix Brouwer1– (1DAMEN)
  2:20 pm 2:40 pm   4b-4 Dredge Carbon Footprint and Fuel Cost Reduction by Energy Recovery
Rashid Aidun1 – (1Parker Hannifin Corp.)
  2:40 pm 3:00 pm   4b-5 Adaptive Meshing to Enhance Sediment Plume Simulations
Mohammad Madani1, Tom Foster1, Derek Eden1, Joshua van Berkel1, Benjamin Hernandez Alfaro1, Michael Clark2 – (1DHI Water & Environment, 2The Metals Company)
SESSION 4C – Shoreline Protection | Chair: Tom Leigh- Session Room C
  1:20 pm 1:40 pm   4c-1 Two Shoreline Retreat Case Studies: New Challenges for the Dredging Community to Consider as Local Sea Levels Continue to Rise
Kendall Brome1, Connor Cain1 – (1Geosyntec Consultants)
  1:40 pm 2:00 pm   4c-2 Restoration of Lake Erie Seawall to Accommodate Climate Change
Atilla Bayram1, Matthew Power1, Alicia Kauffman1, Erika Rosenstein1(1Jacobs)
  2:00 pm 2:20 pm   4c-3 Louisiana Case Study: Bridging the Gap Between Coastal Resiliency and Corporate Sustainability
Kristen Keene1 – (1Resource Environmental Solutions (RES))
  2:20 pm 2:40 pm   4c-4 Addressing Dredging Challenges Through the Use of Barrier and Treatment Designs – Shorelines and Control of Contaminant Migration
John Collins1, John Hull– (1AquaBlok, Ltd.)
BREAK  |  Premier Ballroom, 3rd floor
  3:00 pm 3:40 pm     Break – Ice Cream Social
  3:40 pm 5:20 pm Panel Dredging as an Essential Tool for Sustainable Reservoir Management Sediment, and WEDA/WODA Initiatives on Reservoir Dredging 
  3:40 pm 4:00 pm   5a-1 Sediment Accumulation in Reservoirs: The Role of Dredging, National and International Trends, and WEDA and WODA Working Group Efforts
Marcel Hermans1, Michael Whelan2, John Shelley3, Michael Beton4 – (1Port of Portland, 2Anchor QEA, 3U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, 4Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Company)
  4:00 pm 4:20 pm   5a-2 Specifics and Costs of Dredging Technology and Sediment Disposal for Reservoirs
Michael Whelan – (AnchorQEA)
  4:20 pm 4:40 pm   5a-3 Dredging an Upcoming Pilot Project for Water Injection Dredging at a Large Midwestern Reservoir
John Shelley – (USACE Kansas City)
  4:40 pm 5:00 pm   5a-4 Construction Considerations and Challenges Related to Dredging in a Reservoir Environment
Michael Beton – (Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Company)
SESSION 5B  | The Future of WEDA – Panel Discussion Chair: Kathryn Thomas – Session Room B
  3:40 pm 5:20 pm Panel WEDA Strategic Plan
Young WEDA / Exhibitors Appreciation Hour  |  Premier Ballroom, 3rd floor
  5:20 pm 6:20 pm     Young WEDA / Exhibitors Appreciation Hour, Premier Ballroom, 3rd floor
GALA Reception & Dinner  |  Premier Ballroom, 3rd floor
  6:20 pm 7:45 pm     GALA Reception – Premier Ballroom Foyer, 3rd floor
  7:45 pm 10:00 pm     GALA Dinner & Awards Ceremony – Premier Ballroom, 3rd floor
 THURSDAY, JULY 20th     
EXPO HALL OPEN  |  Premier Ballroom, 3rd floor
  7:30 am 11:00 am     Expo Hall open
BREAKFAST  |  Premier Ballroom, 3rd floor
  7:30 am 8:30 am     Breakfast Buffet
CLOSING SESSION  |  Premier Ballroom, 3rd floor
  8:00 am  8:30 am     Closing Session / WEDA Membership Meeting / Best Booth Awards
  8:30 am 12:30 pm     Hydraulic Sand Fill IHC Masterclass, 3rd floor, Room 306 – View details
EXPO HALL TEAR Down  |  Premier Ballroom, 3rd floor
  8:45 am 1:00 pm     Exhibitor Tear Down  
POST CONFERENCE TOUR   |  Hoover Dam     
  8:45 am  12:45 pm      Hoover Dam Tour, Bus leaves at 9 am, located outside of the MGM Conference Center
POST CONFERENCE LUNCH RECEPTION  |  Tap Restaurant, MGM Grand, lobby level      
  12:45 pm   2:30 pm      Post Conference Lunch Reception, Tap Restaurant, MGM Grand, lobby level

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