Virtual Meeting Presenters Info.

  • Virtual Schedule
    • Please click here to view the online schedule to verify there are no conflicts with your session and time slot. All presenters during the session are required to attend the entire session.
  • Registration
    • At least one presenter must register and pay to attend the virtual meeting. Click here to register.
    • Other presenters that are planning on only attending that specific session can contact us at [email protected] for complimentary registration. 
  • Practice Session
  • Presentations
    • All presentations should be in PPTX format. Presenters will be emailed special panelists Zoom links to join their session. Presenters/Panelists will have access to audio, share their screens, and video. 
    • 20-minute time slot
      • Moderator will provide a brief intro/bio of the presenter 1 minute
      • 15-minute presentation
      • 4 minute Q&A
        • If there are unanswered questions, we will forward you the Q&A report and the attendee’s contact information for follow-up.
    • Final Presentations


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