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Technical Session A – Zoom Webinar 1
Technical Session B – Zoom Webinar 2

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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

  1:00 pm 1:45 pm     Welcome Remarks, Webinar Communication Rules
            Environmental Excellence Awards, Young WEDA Professional Award & Best Paper Awards
  1:45 pm 2:00 pm     15 Minute Break
SESSION 1A  –  Innovative Dredging Approaches | Moderator: Kwasi Badu-Tweneboah, Geosyntec Consultants
  2:00 pm 2:20 pm    1a-1

Nautical depth determination, for safe navigation in waterways, based on fluid-mud characteristic parameters & volume.
 Kari-Ann Marijnissen 1, Laura Hemerijckx 1 (1. Stema Systems)

  2:20 pm 2:40 pm    1a-2

Salt Mining Dredge – Electric 1100 hp Ladder Pump with 94” Dual Wheel Excavator
 Duncan McTaggart 1, Paul Quinn 1, Sape Miedema 2 (1. Ellicott Dredges, 2. Delft University of Technology)

  2:40 pm  3:00 pm    1a-3

Utilization of Passive and Mechanical Dewatering Technologies to Process Navigational Dredged Material on a Small Footprint
 Scott Douglas 1, William Henderson 1, James Heeren 2, Scott Minnich 2, Chris Mullan 2 (1. NJ Department of Transportation, Office of Maritime Resources, 2. Dewberry Engineers)

SESSION 1B – Sediment Sampling | Moderator: Carol Shobrook, J.T. Cleary
  2:00 pm 2:20 pm    1b-1

How Much is Too Much? Sampling Density in Stratified Sediment Bedforms for Estimating Surface-Area Weighed Average Concentrations
 Evan Thomas 1, Jerry Eykholt 1, Greg Horstmeier 1, Heidi Fogell 1, Cynthia Draper 1 (1. Wood Environment & Infrastructure Solutions)

  2:20 pm 2:40 pm    1b-2

Sand Particle Size Analysis by SedImaging In a Field Lab
 Greg Horstmeier 1, Jerry Eykholt 1, Carrie Kempf 1, Andrea Ventola 2, Roman Hryciw 2 (1. Wood Environment and Infrastructure Solutions, 2. University of Michigan)

  2:40 pm 3:00 pm    1b-3

Vibracore Sediment Acquisition Monitoring (V-SAM) for Remediation Dredging Design at the Portland Harbor Superfund Site
 Paul Fuglevand 1, Dave Browning 2, Connor Lamb 1, Bill Jaworski 2 (1. Dalton, Olmsted & Fuglevand, Inc., 2. Marine Sampling Systems, LLC)

  3:00 pm 3:30 pm     30 Minute Break
SESSION 2A – Beneficial Use of Sediment | Moderator: Don Hayes, USACE ERDC
  3:30 pm 3:50 pm    2a-1

Revisiting historic dredged material habitat improvement sites informs the future of beneficial use initiatives
 Jacob Berkowitz 1, Kevin Philley 1, Nathan Beane 1 (1. US Army Engineer Research and Development Center)

  3:50 pm 4:10 pm    2a-2

Beneficial Use: Estuarine Island Creation with Intercoastal Waterway Maintenance Dredged Material in Lake Worth  Lagoon; Palm Beach, Florida
 Yehya Siddiqui 1, Eric Anderson 2, John Vannoy 3, Mark Crosley 4 (1. Taylor Engineering, 2. Palm Beach County, 3. Orion Marine Group, 4. Florida Inland Navigation District)

  4:10 pm  4:30 pm    2a-3

Restoration of Historical Subqueous Borrow Pits for Management of Navigational Dredged Material in Coastal New Jersey
 Scott Douglas 1, William Henderson 1, Michael Marano 2, Sean Flanigan 3, Olivia Koster 3 (1. NJ Department of Transportation, Office of Maritime Resources, 2. WSP USA, Inc., 3. Gahagan and Bryant Associates)

  4:30 pm 4:50 pm    2a-4

Overcoming Barriers to Beneficial Use of Dredged Material in the US
 Kristin Bell 1, Brandon Boyd 2, Staci Goetz 1, Don Hayes 2, Victor Magar 1, Burton Suedel 2 (1. Ramboll, 2. USACE/Engineer Research and Development Center)

SESSION 2B – Sediment Remediation | Moderator: Walter Dinicola, Anchor QEA, LLC
  3:30 pm 3:50 pm    2b-1

River Remediation Case Study: Contact Water Separation and Treatment to Capture PCBs
 Scott Ponstein 1, Connor McNeely 1, Amber Wilson 1 (1. Infrastructure Alternatives, Inc.)

  3:50 pm 4:10 pm    2b-2

Voluntary Early Removal of Sediments Completed at Former Green Bay MGP
 Staci Goetz 1, Robert Paulson 2, Jennifer Hagen 1, Christine Simmons 1 (1. Ramboll, 2. WEC Energy Group)

  4:10 pm 4:30 pm    2b-3

Innovative Treatment of Wood Waste Sediments Using Reactive Amendments and DGT Passive Porewater Sulfide Testing Techniques
 Dan Berlin 1, Dimitri Vlassopoulos 1, Masakazu Kanematsu 1, Tom Wang 1, Michael Waters 2, Kristen Ritchot 3 (1. Anchor QEA, 2. Department of National Defence, 3. Public Services and Procurement Canada)

Wednesday, June 16, 2021


TAMU/ERDC PLENARY SESSION: THIN LAYER PLACEMENT  Co-Chairs: Ram Mohan, Ph.D., P.E., FASCE, Texas A&M University/Anchor QEA and Todd Bridges, Ph.D., USACE ERDC

  1:00 pm 1:05 pm    

Todd Bridges, USACE ERDC

  1:05 pm 1:25 pm     

USACE Thin Layer Placement Guidance – Overview & Planning Considerations
 Candice Piercy, Ph.D., USACE ERDC

  1:25 pm 1:45 pm    

Engineering and Best Management Considerations for Thin Layer Placement Projects
Ram Mohan, Ph.D., P.E., FASCE, Texas A&M University & Anchor QEA, LLC.

  1:45 pm 1:55 pm     10 Minute Break 

TAMU/ERDC PLENARY SESSION: THIN LAYER PLACEMENT (Cont.)  | Co-Chairs: Ram Mohan, Ph.D., Texas A&M University/Anchor QEA and Todd Bridges, Ph.D., USACE ERDC

  1:55 pm 2:15 pm    

Thin Layer Placement Projects – A Contractor’s Perspective
 Andrew Timmis, J.F. Brennan Company 

  2:15 pm 2:35 pm     Ecological/Environmental Considerations and Select Case Studies
 Rachel Innocenti, Ph.D., and RustyFeagin, Ph.D., Texas A&M University
  2:35 pm 2:50 pm     Facilitated Panel Discussion
  2:50 pm 3:00 pm     10 Minute Break

ENVIRONMENTAL PLENARY – How does WRDA 2020 change the beneficial use landscape? Hint: it’s huge.  | Co-Chairs: Craig Vogt, Chair WEDA Env. Commission & Steve Garbaciak, Foth

  3:00 pm 3:50 pm    

Panel members: 

Jase Ousley – USACE Headquarters
David Emerman – Ohio EPA
Todd Bridges – USACE ERDC


Craig Vogt –  Chair, WEDA Environmental Commission
Steve Garbaciak – Vice-Chair, WEDA Environmental Commission

  3:50 pm 4:00 pm     10 Minute Break 
SESSION 3A – Environmental | Moderator: Lori Brownell, Port of Houston
  4:00 pm 4:20 pm    3a-1

Design and Dredging of the San Elijo Lagoon Project
Conor Ofsthun 1, Chris Webb 1, Alan Alcorn 1, Doug Gibson 2 (1. Moffatt & Nichol, 2. The Nature Collective)

  4:20 pm 4:40 pm    3a-2

Operations and Dredging Endangered Species System (ODESS): An Interactive Decision-Making Tool for Endangered Species Data Collection, Reporting, and Risk Assessment
 Michael Sessions 1 (1. USACE Mobile District)

  4:40 pm  5:00 pm    3a-3

The Skinny on Fill Placement – Choosing Seven Fill Areas from Seventy and 20M C.Y. of Borrow Amongst 200M
 Benjamin Hartman 1, Gordon Thomson 1, Brad Miller 2, Travis Byland 2, Dain Gillen 2 (1. Baird, 2. LCPRA)


Thursday, June 17, 2021

WOMEN OF WEDA (WoW) LUNCH AND LEARN | Chair: Kathryn Thomas, AMAMAR Environmental 
  11:30 am 12:45 pm    

Women of WEDA (WoW) 

Women of WEDA invites YOU to join us for a (virtual) trivia/networking event tomorrow from 1130-1245p EST. We wish we could be in person and share a beverage and connect! Alas, the intention for this event is to give you a chance to flex your trivia muscle, with short connection breaks scattered throughout. Feel free to bring your lunch (or your laundry that needs to be folded…), and get ready for some (virtual) connection!

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SAFETY COMMISSION PLENARY  |  Panel Moderator: Julie Hile, Hile Group and WEDA Safety Commission Chair
  1:00 pm 1:40 pm    

Project Highlights, including a review of improvement strategies and tools used in Award Winners’ Safety Cultures

  1:40 pm 1:50 pm    

Safety Excellence Awards

  1:50 pm 2:00 pm     10 Minute Break
SESSION 4A – Regional Sediment Management in Texas  |  Moderated by: Mr. Coraggio Maglio, USACE
  2:00 pm 3:00 pm    

Introduction “National Regional Sediment Management Program Enhancements” 
 Dr. Katie Brutsche USACE-ERDC

Texas Coastal Sediment Management Plans
 Rueben Trevino USACE, Coraggio Maglio USACE, Jens Figlus TAMUG, Youn Song TAMUG


Harvesting Bedload Material and Potential Applications for Coastal Restoration 
  Randall Tucker 1, Anthony Risko 2, Timothy Welp 3, Zachary Tyler 3, Nina Reins 2, Nic Kirk 2 (1. Streamside, LLC, 2. Freese and Nichols, Inc., 3. U.S. Army Engineering Research and Development Center (ERDC)

BOEM Sediment Data Collection of the Texas Coast
Mallindine BOEM, Fred Fenner USACE

SESSION 4B – Dredging Operations | Moderator: Robert Ramsdell, Dredging Resources
  2:00 pm   2:30 pm    4b-1

Rock placement and stability for offshore windmill foundation.
 Sape Miedema 1 (1. Delft University of Technology)

  2:30 pm  2:50 pm    4b-2

Development and Implementation of a Drag Ripping Device
 Aiden Horan 1, Norman Bourque 1, Aaron Barton 1 (1. Cashman Dredging)

  3:00 pm 3:30 pm     30 Minute Break 
SESSION 5A – Sediment Needs in the Coastal Areas of Texas  |  Moderated by: Coraggio Maglio, USACE
  3:30 pm 4:30 pm    

TXGLO Texas Coastal Master Plans
Tony Williams, TxGLO

TXGLO CEPRA Projects: (Sediment Modeling in the Gulf, geophysical data collection, sediments investigations for McFaddin and Texas Point)
Kevin Frenzel, TxGLO

Coastal Texas Study sediment needs
Himangshu Das, Kelly Burkes-Copes USACE

SESSION 5B – Dredging Operations / Safety | Moderator: Shelly Anghera, Moffatt & Nichol
  3:30 pm 3:50 pm    5b-1

Finding the Silver Lining in COVID-19 Impacts on National Dredging Quality Management Program (DQM) QA Practices
 William Rae 1, Brenda Allen 2 (1. RPS Group / DQM, 2. USACE Dredging Quality Management (DQM) Program)

  3:50 pm 4:10 pm    5b-2

It’s All (Safety) Data: Customizing Safe-Ops Data Collection, Analysis, and Distribution to Drive Sustainable Safety Excellence
 Margaret Davis 1 (1. Hile Group)

  4:30 pm 4:40 pm     10 Minute Break
CLOSING SESSION | Alan Alcorn, Moffatt & Nichol
  4:40 pm 5:00 pm     Closing Session / WEDA Membership Meeting

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