Continuing Education Short Courses

The Western Dredging Association (WEDA) is proud to offer two (2) continuing education short course at the 2019 Dredging Summit & Expo. Both courses will be held at the Hilton Chicago on Monday June 4, 2019.  

For your participation in either of the courses, you will receive a certificate for 4 professional development hours (PDH’s).  

Short Course Title: WEDA’s Dredging 101 Short Course

Date: June 4, 2019
Time: 8AM to Nonn
Fee: $25 

Dr. Donald Hayes, Associate Dean, University of Nevada Las Vegas

General Course Overview:  –  View all details
The Dredging 101 – “Basics of Dredging, Dredged Material Management and Environmental Considerations” course has been developed and is provided exclusively by the Western Dredging Association (WEDA) for the purpose of helping anyone interested in learning about the basics of dredging and dredged material and environmental considerations in an easy, enjoyable and efficient manner.

The course material was established to give a comprehensive overview of:

  • what dredging is;
  • why it is being performed;
  • how it is being done;
  • what types of equipment are being used;
  • what factors are used to determine the equipment type, including transporting dredged material;
  • what dredged material disposal or placement (e.g., beneficial use) options are available;
  • what are the environmental concerns about dredging and disposal of dredged material;
  • what are the measures to manage potential environmental impacts;
  • what regulations/permits apply to dredging and dredged material disposal or placement;

All attendees will receive a hand-out/syllabus which will serve as a convenient reference manual and which contains handy links to additional resources and information. This course qualifies for 4 Professional Development Hours (PDH’s). Certificates will be issued via email upon request.



Short Course Title: Bathymetric Multibeam Mapping For Dredge – WEDA Short Course

Date: June 4, 2019
Time: 1PM to 5PM
Fee: $150

Mike Mutschler, Sr. Hydrographer / Principal, Seahorse Geomatics, Inc.

Short Course Description: Seahorse Geomatics, Inc. will provide a short-course on multibeam bathymetric mapping for dredging.  The short-course explains the challenges and solutions involved in sensor setup, calibrations, validation, operation, processing and export for condition, pre-dredge and post dredge surveys.

Learning Objectives:

·         The role of multibeam bathymetry in the dredging construction environment

·         Overview of beamforming multibeam systems from an operational and theoretical perspective

·         Appreciation of different ‘multibeam’ types as tools in the tool-box

·         Understanding of what contributes to the coalescence of an XYZ sounding

·         Awareness of contributions to final XYZ uncertainty 

·         Improving upon data accuracy, repeatability and efficiency via process-oriented approach 



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